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If not in an accelerated piano class, private piano lessons are 30 minutes. Students learn the basics of the keyboard, then move toward the types of music they want to play. Former students have received Excellent ratings at Keyboard Festivals. Students should be at least 7 yrs. old to begin piano lessons.


Age 8 or older is best for voice lessons. Students will learn proper warm-up techniques, breathing skills, and learn songs they want to sing. Voice lessons can build self-esteem and confidence in students old and young! Who do you want to sing for?


Age 8 or older is a good time to start drum lessons. You can start inexpensively with drum sticks and a practice pad. We use an electronic drum set to control the noise factor, with other lessons happening in the next room! Students will learn beginning rudiments, and soon progress to playing along with their favorite song!


Ukulele is a great choice for younger students with smaller hands (age 7-9), but is also such a fun instrument for all ages! With only 4 strings to learn, you’ll be playing along in no time!


Guitar is always a popular instrument. It’s so portable and versatile, from classical music to rock or blues, guitar is there! We teach acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. The techniques you learn on guitar can be easily applied to other stringed instruments like ukulele or bass. Students will learn how to read guitar tablature and chord charts in the first lesson or two, which means you’ll be playing songs in no time!


(No teacher currently available)

Beginning violin students first learn the basics without the bow. There’s so many new things to learn, we don’t want them overwhelmed at their first lesson! Soon they add the bow, and begin to make beautiful music!

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Depending on the teachers we have available, we also offer lessons for viola, cello, and string bass.
Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba lessons are also available as we have teachers for them.

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